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About us

Southern Cross Packaging is the leading dedicated manufacturer of quality dual ovenable paperboard trays in the UK.

food board trays

It has always been our philosophy that pressed board trays not only provide a more environmentally-friendly food packaging solution but also have fantastic cooking benefits that other trays find hard to match.

Since its early beginnings in 2004 the company has grown considerably and with all equipment manufactured in-house, Southern Cross Packaging has been able to develop new profiles rapidly and cost effectively.

food board trays

New product development is the primary focus of our business and is reflected by the addition of 5 new tray profiles to our range every year. We have reduced the cost of tooling significantly, making it more affordable to develop any shape or size of tray, whether it be bespoke or simply a copy of an existing foil or plastic tray. Furthermore, our sales and technical staff take great care in ensuring that all new trays are phased into our customers’ operations in the most efficient manner possible.

Southern Cross Packaging has also placed great emphasis on the development of new markets. In addition to supplying frozen and chilled food, our dual ovenable board containers can now be found in industries such as bakery, airline catering, foodservice, medical and surgical.

Southern Cross Packaging also has a wide range of packaging machinery and lidding solutions to provide our customers with a one stop shop for all ovenable tray requirements. These solutions not only apply to ovenable board trays, but also may be applied plastic and foil trays.

Quality and hygiene

product packaging certified

Southern Cross Packaging is certified to the BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, Category 1. This system encompasses the HACCP Plan and Quality System, which in turn adheres to guidelines set out by ISO9001. We also supply products employed for surgical procedures.


Paperboard oven trays are better for the environment than other containers in the market.

packaging disposal

Wood, being a renewable and recyclable resource, is the primary raw material in our pressed trays. Paperboard is sourced only from those suppliers who have FSC/PEFC chain of custody, ensuring that feedstock comes from legal and sustainable forestry resources.

WRAP has classified our board trays as Widely Recycled, on the understanding that the products are clearly labelled 'rinse before recycling'. This means that any of our trays can be recycled with paper waste, providing there is no food residue remaining in the container.

Southern Cross Packaging also recycles well over 98% of all waste generated by its operations.