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Foil Machinery

Hand Closing Machines

Providing a simple, inexpensive and practical way to close a wide variety of aluminium foil containers, Southern Cross Packaging Hand Closing Machines are perfect for smaller scale operations with low volume requirements.

Durable and easy to clean, they are manufactured from cast aluminium. In terms of operation nothing could be simpler; simply insert the container with its lid…and close. Our Hand Closing Machines have been designed to be compatible with interrupted vertical curl, hemmed edge or raw edge foil containers and to enable the operator to achieve a throughput of at least 10 containers a minute, using a board lid laminated with either foil or polyethylene.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates risk of cutting fingers when closing/crimping foil containers
  • Provides uniformity of sealing
  • Only small actuating force needed
  • No tools – one hand closing machine for one tray
  • Incredibly robust
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Operator paced capability in excess of 10 trays per minute
foil machinery
  • Typical Users
  • Food processors ( Ready meals )
  • Deli counters
  • Development and test laboratories / kitchens
  • Takeaway counters in shops / restaurants
  • Special additional options available on request
  • Printing head accessory to print a brief product description, code or date stamp on the lid while container is being crimped.
  • Elevator platform to enable product to be slid into position as opposed to lifting the item in and out of the unit. This is ideal for difficult-to-handle products and increases throughput.
  • Stackers

    Southern Cross Packaging also manufacture a number of bespoke stackers for the efficient collation and collection of containers. These stackers are not only sold to tray manufacturers, but that are built for our own operation to ensure that labour efficiency is maximised.stacker

    For fast, high volume stacking of light bakery containers, our unique 8-lane vibrating stacker, VS-8L, is a must. It is designed to auto stack round full curl aluminium foil containers which are fed to the machine in a random orientation. The round containers are dropped onto a perforated mesh and vibrations distribute them more evenly to the eight turnover lanes by means of nylon pegs. Once in the turnover lane, a container could be either on its base or upside down on the rim. If at this stage one container is sitting on top of another, the two will be separated as they pass under a proximity switch which initiates an air blast. As a container enters the turnover section, it will take one of two routes. If the container is upright and sitting on its base it will be fed along the top and then dropped, causing it to turn onto its rim. A container already on its rim will pass through the bottom and continue unabated. Once all containers are on rims they drop down onto a collection table where they are stacked in rows, enabling simple and efficient collection by the operator.

    For lower volume stacking of a range of tray sizes and shapes, a simple autostacker may be the best solution. This type of stacker works on a straightforward gravity deposit and collation system to form stacks of equal count, which are then dropped down onto a collection table and remain there until packed. Stack counts can be set to any particular amount and the time period a stacker can be left unattended will vary according to the speed of the tray forming machine and the size of the collection table.

    Key Features & Benefits

  • Typical users
  • Tray manufacturers
  • Technical Specification
  • On application
  • Special additional options available on request
  • Every stacker is bespoke, so just ask for any additional features