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Lidding Solutions

Lidding Films

Southern Cross Packaging have a standard range of film available for both peelable, ovenable and non-peelable top web sealing of trays.

food lids

Different applications may require specific performance characteristics in a film lidding material. It may be the type of seal required, temperature limits, puncture resistance, oxygen and moisture barrier. Whatever the need, Southern Cross Packaging can advise on the best solution for your particular application.

Our knowledge and expertise in heat sealing machines enables us to trial any film with any tray, while keeping development costs low. Whether your trays are board, plastic or foil, there is a film lidding material to suit every requirement and we would be happy to advise you on the best solution.

Board Lids for Board Trays

There are two types of board lid, both of which require heat sealing to trays.

Peel Before Cook Lids need to be removed from the food container prior to cooking. These are ideal for food with lower moisture content or foods which require browning in a convection oven.

Tracer Lids are heatsealed to the flange of the tray and opened via our unique Tracer opening system. The tray and lid combined is essentially a packaging system designed for both microwave and convection oven cooking with vents to regulate and prevent build-up of steam. The lid is opened along a pre-defined path and the remaining collar on the flange provides an incredibly rigid tray. The Tracer lid is a very cost-efficient way of merchandising your product effectively and providing the end user with an array of benefits that no other tray system can come close to matching.

Key Features & Benefits

  • No requirement to pierce the lid before cooking.
  • Freezer to oven to table with no need to touch the food.
  • Packaging remains strong and rigid, even at oven temperatures.
  • Warm to touch; can remove from the oven without oven mitts.
  • Easy-opening, senior-friendly.
  • Moist and succulent food.
  • Tray and lid can both be recycled.
  • Printed board lids open up many opportunities for our customers
  • Board lids can be printed in registers up to 4 colours. Inks used are heat resistant.
  • Printed lids can minimize overall packaging.
  • Food is kept moist and succulent during cooking.
  • Board Lids for Foil Trays

    In addition to providing hand closing machines for interrupted vertical curl (IVC) foil containers, Southern Cross Packaging also supplies polyboard and foilboard lids which can be manufactured to fit any IVC foil tray.

    Both polyboard and foilboards lids can be printed in up to 4 colours, lids can aid in product identification and also additional marketing impact for the sealed containers.

    All lids are designed and tested to ensure that the lid/tray combination performs exactly to specification. Each request for these types of lids is bespoke to a tray, and therefore we ensure that lids are tested with sample foil containers prior to supply.