southern cross packaging

Retail Packs

Southern Cross packaging offer a repacking service for foil and board containers where retail packs can be developed to suit individual customer requirements.

Multiple trays can be flowpacked into units as required offering a very versatile pack. Different shapes and colours.

Southern Cross also offer the Flowpacker so customers can create their own packs.


This unique benchtop L-Sealer has been specifically designed by Southern Cross Packaging as a cost effective alternative to flow wrapping. Incorporating a standard folded packaging film, products can be sealed with excess trim removed. The result is a pack with crimped seals top and bottom and neatly trimmed with a virtually invisible seal along one side. The true benefit of our L-sealer is that there is no back seal, enabling excellent visibility of the product from both front and reverse perspectives. It is ideal for low volume packing with high quality results.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for a range of product sizes
  • Surprisingly compact and cost-effective alternative to flow wrapping
  • Very little actuating force required
  • Incredibly robust
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • No tooling required
  • Operator paced capability around 6 packs per minute
  • Typical users
  • Small packing/collating operations for food or non-food
  • Special additional options available on request
  • Additional widths of folded films
  • food packaging machinery