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Any Size

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From a small pudding pot to a large family lasagne or even a surgical tray, we supply and develop any size paper board and ovenable board trays.

Any Shape

food packaging

Select from a wide range of shapes for your paper boards, ovenable board and dual ovenable food containers.

Any Colour

food packaging

Any colour you desire, printed with oven-safe inks. Make your products stand out and bring some colour into your food container!

Any Design

food packaging

Create a differentator for your food container with a printed design. A printed lid and tray can also eliminate the need for a sleeve/carton and film lid creating a truly unique product.

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Cook: Dual ovenable board trays are suitable for both microwave and convection ovens, enabling meals to be heated quickly, evenly and thoroughly for fast food convenience.

Freeze: Unlike rigid plastic, board trays do not become brittle and shatter in the freezer.

Insulate: Board trays not only keep food warmer for longer but can be handled more easily from the oven or microwave than plastic or foil trays. You can put paperboard trays on your lap without getting burned.

Release: Product release options are available for pastry products.

Environmentally friendly: Widely recycled.

Shapes: Whether you need a round tray for a pie or a rectangular tray for your lasagne, we have a paper board tray to suit.